Jesus revealing himself on Resurrection day



Mary_Jesus_at_Tomb_TextMatthew recorded an appearance of the risen Jesus to the women, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, who saw him while on the way to tell the disciples of their experience. His next appearance was to the disciples on the mountain in Galilee, and must have been much later.

Luke says that Jesus appeared to Cleopas and another, possibly Peter, on the road to Emmaus, on the day of his resurrection. Later that evening, he appeared to the eleven in a room.

John says that Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene, who at first thought he was the gardener. Later that same day, he appeared to ten of the disciples at a meal, Thomas being absent.

Mark’s Gospel, in its original form, does not mention any appearances of the risen Jesus. The “Long Ending” (verses 16:9-25), added much later, say that he appeared to the “two of them”, but does not say if this was the two women of Matthew’s Gospel or the two men of Luke’s Gospel. Afterwards, he appeared to the eleven at a meal. Since the Long Ending was added in order to harmonise with Matthew and Luke, we can assume that the appearance to the eleven also occurred on the day of the resurrection.